Meet Your Trainer & Studio Manager - Rebecca

We are excited to introduce personal trainer Rebecca who is also the fit20 Liberty Place Studio Manager! Ready on to learn more about Rebecca...

1) Is your background fitness related? Have you always wanted to be a personal trainer?

"Actually, my background is in business marketing and community engagement! My fitness journey began two years ago and I developed an intense passion for helping and inspiring others to find their true strength through personal training."

2) What is your favorite thing about being a fit20 personal trainer?

"The relationships with our members and just having the opportunity to play a role in their own fitness journey. I really enjoy watching them meet milestones, achieve goals and gain confidence each week!"

3) How has the fit20 training method changed your life?

"The impact fit20 has had in my life is truly outstanding. My body fat percentage had dropped from 26.6% to 21.5%. My blood pressure has dropped from 171/96 to 127/88 and I am on the lowest dose of medication for hypertension that I have been on in more than 18 years. My sleep score has improved from an average of 31 to an average of 62. I am overwhelmingly inspired by my life-changing fit20 experience and it is my mission to share it with our community. Your health matters! 20 minutes once per week is all it takes to see a dramatic, measurable difference in your life."

4) What are some of your hobbies or favorite things to do outside of work?

"I love to spend time with my family. I am happily married to my husband, Patrick, who runs our restaurant and a food truck - Malawi's Pizza - and together we have the sweetest kindergartener, Benjamin, and a great dane, Lady Belle. I am also, by trade, a cosmetologist and have an existing clientele that I perform beauty services for including hair, make-up, spray tanning, teeth whitening, lash lifts, and more! Additionally, I am an Elite Spokesmodel for Melissa de Vera Photography and really enjoy the opportunity to get in front of the camera and get out of my comfort zone!"

5) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

"Disney! Over and over and over again. However, I'd love to visit the different Disney locations all over the world! My husband and I were married at Disney World in Orlando, FL and we are hoping to take our son on a Disney cruise in the next year or two."

6) What is your favorite fit20 exercise and why?

"The Abdominal Machine! After having had several abdominal surgeries, I find this particular exercise to be the most challenging as well as the one that works on the group of muscles I'd like to target most to increase my core strength. I'm the kind of person that, if you tell me I 'can't' do something, I'll prove to you that I CAN - I like to prove to myself that I can master this exercise and get stronger every week."

7) What is your favorite food?

"Birthday Cake!"

8) Are you a morning person or a night owl?

"I don't particularly care for waking up early, but as I've gotten older I do find that I prefer to get my day started earlier!"

9) What is your favorite sport or sports team?

"As a former Washington Capitals Red Rocker Professional Cheerleader - I'm going with HOCKEY!"

10) What three words best describe your personality?

"Passionate, Engaging, and Goal-Oriented."